It's one thing to tell the AI to draw something. A completely other thing is to get the AI to draw what you imagine.

Kevin Hess is the first human to publish an illustrated novel using AI-generated images. The IT expert created a stunning 706-page science fiction graphic novel only by using AI prompts.

In a talk with Gustavo Salami, founder of digital agency Kuble and Metaverse Academy, he said: «I don’t know how to draw but I’m able to tell a science fiction storyline which has been in my head for 20 years. I don’t know how to write a novel either, that’s a lot of work and nothing for me. So I started to think about writing a book with artificial intelligence image prompts.» The result we see now is astonishing.

Now, Kevin Hess shares his knowledge with you! In a workshop, he explains on a theoretical and practical level what he has learned during the process.

When: Friday, November 25, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Where: Online only.
Costs: 25 Swiss francs.

You can buy tickets now on Eventbrite. The workshop is free, if you take part in “The Road To Knowledge” by Metaverse Academy.