Partnership with daura underlines Kuble’s blockchain expertise

daura AG provides an application that allows companies to record their shares digitally on a blockchain infrastructure. This makes capital increases less expensive, simplifies the administration of the share register and increases the efficiency of general meetings. In addition, registered users gain access to new participation opportunities in Swiss companies and they can digitally manage their company shares themselves.

Kuble launches Metaverse Academy with two courses

As one of the leading digital agencies in Switzerland, Kuble recognized early on that the online world is changing with the metaverse and web3. The team therefore held its first events and moved into virtual premises as early as 2021 (more info).

Kuble Party "Metaverse"

Since we founded Kuble more than 10 years ago, events are part of our culture and identity. We always enjoy creating a special environment to meet clients and partners. Now it’s time to continue this nice tradition. On 24 May, the Kuble Party "Metaverse" will take place.

Possibilities, opportunities and threats of the metaverse

There is a gold-digger atmosphere in the virtual space," writes Luca Froelicher from SRF in his article about the Metaverse and the prevailing land prices there. Our partners Gustavo and Christian metaphorically blow the same horn: "It's still a bit of the Wild West".