Performance marketing

Performance marketing is becoming increasingly important owing to the complexity of systems, providers and formats. Whereas Facebook and Google used to have the market sewn up between them, new advertising providers, such as TikTok, Spotify and Reddit, are constantly being added to the mix. Programmatic and display advertising are also constantly evolving. This dynamic development enables us to implement innovative solutions and tailor-made campaigns for advertisers.

However, performance marketing is not just about setting up and placing digital advertising: it goes one step further. We measure brand performance across all channels and platforms, and continuously optimise in terms of content, messaging, format, targeting, bidding strategy, provider and channel. Data and advanced tracking capabilities are necessary and especially important for this.

Our outstanding performance marketing team has certified knowledge and manages customer budgets with great care and commitment. We also have a great deal of experience in creating complex campaign architectures with niche targeting in the high-price segment of the financial industry and various B2B target groups.

We are highly experienced in SEA and programmatic advertising on the major paid social platforms as well as emerging ones. In addition to these three main disciplines in performance marketing, we use other industry- and customer-specific providers and platforms that are suitable for this type of marketing.
It is also important to look at the entire conversion funnel, including advanced tracking, coherent user journeys and SEO-optimised landing pages with high conversion rates.

We manage the following channels:


Kuble is a Facebook and Google premium support partner.

SEA and SEO complete the offer

In the field of search engine marketing (SEA) we also offer SEA campaign audit and check, Google Ads & Google Ad Grants and Google My Business services.

For search engine optimization (SEO) we offer link building as a regular service, SEO training as well as implementation.