Strategy and consulting

We have extensive consulting experience in:

  • Digital transformation
  • Thought leadership
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Performance marketing Blockchain marketing
  • Tracking, data and analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Running digital events
  • SEO
  • User experience
  • E-commerce

We offer detailed strategic consulting, workshops on specific topics and tailored support during project phases.

Maturity programme
Our tried-and-tested maturity programme is popular with customers. It is particularly recommended when introducing new digital projects within a company. The programme usually starts with a kick-off consulting workshop, accompanied by an initial pilot project. After the successful pilot phase, the initial project phase begins. It can then be scaled up and switched to ‘ongoing’ mode during the excellence phase. This approach enables customers to test the success of new digital projects in a cost-effective way and only increase the budget once they are convinced.

Blockchain marketing
The blockchain industry is young, innovative, fast-moving, technology- and product-oriented – and still largely unregulated. While this makes it very exciting, it also means that classic marketing approaches do not work well.

We have been working with blockchain technology for years and are well aware of the associated marketing and communication requirements, whether in terms of content, channels, influencers or community.

We provide the full range of tools it takes to support blockchain businesses, whether in the start-up and development, fundraising, product launch or expansion phases.