Web3 und Metaverse

Do you often organise events? Perhaps they will soon take place in the Metaverse.

Are you interested in art? With NFTs and virtual galleries in the Metaverse, this industry will change fundamentally.

Or are you simply wondering what the future of the internet will look like? Also to this question the Metaverse provides some answers.

We believe in the coexistence of a centralised and decentralised internet and that alongside today's Web2 internet (with its focus on data) a Web3 (with the possibility of transferring values and value rights) is emerging.

This Web3 enables digital property, logged and secured on the blockchain, and the extension into three-dimensional virtual space, the metaverse. However, there is not just one Metaverse, but already many different ones. And the trend is rising.
Kuble is right in the middle of it, actively working on Web3 and Metaverse use cases, applications and digital assets.

In the course of this, we have purchased land on Decentraland - currently one of the largest and most developed Metaverses - and have begun to "build on and manage" our land.

We offer the following services in and around the Metaverse:

Building, 3D modelling and programming:

  • Own customised Metaverses ("customised Metaverses").
  • Houses, museums, shopping centres, event locations, etc.
  • Digital assets - wearables and items
  • Games and gamification applications (e.g. Connect Four)
  • Smart contract applications on Polygon and Ethereum


  • Conception, structuring and minting of NFTs (e.g. art, music, moments).
  • Creation and application of NFTs in the course of events (e.g. access authorisations), gamification, digital assets
  • Buying, trading and selling

Rental and management of land:

  • Renting for events, openings, workshops, webinars, concerts, livestreams, stores, etc.
  • Buying land on behalf of clients (including technical processing)
  • Marketing of advertising space on the land (billboards)

Creative concepts:

  • Development of marketing, sales and customer loyalty concepts and applications for the Metaverse or cross-medial Real World (Metaverse respectively Web2 and Metaverse)
  • Development of NFT concepts
  • Development of social token concepts


  • Campaign conception and implementation for the promotion of Metaverse use cases
  • Content creation
  • PR

Creative services:

  • Design
  • 3D modelling
  • NFT Design
  • Augmented Reality Applications


  • Video production and live streaming crossmedia and in the Metaverse

Digital services:

  • Website and landing page development
  • Ecommerce applications
  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

Our two countries (1 plot and 4 plots) are located on Decentraland.


However, we have other decentralised metaverses on the radar (e.g. Sandbox) and can build custom metaverses for clients that are independent of the existing Web3 Metaverses like Decentraland.

Have we awakened your interest in this new field?
Then please contact us. We look forward to an exchange.